How To Get Guests On Your Podcast: Celebrity Podcast Formula

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Learn the process, tools, and techniques you will need to find experts and successfully interview those experts on your podcast. Noteworthy Podcasting Interview Tips & TechniquesSecrets To Finding Experts & CelebritiesProductivity Tools & Techniques For Scheduling InterviewsInterview Templates & GuidelinesHow To Successfully Package Each Podcast EpisodeAmazing Follow Up Strategies To WOW Your GuestsInfluence Strategies That Boost Your PodcastUnderstanding the behind the scenes in the podcast world is a game changer. Podcasting has exploded in growth in the past couple of years and is quickly replacing mainstream media. The interview format is the primary show structure for podcasts and when you have the right guests on your podcast you see a spike in new listenership. Podcast interviews open up the doors to new business relationships, book deals, speaking offers, and is the easiest way to create content to spread your message.Content OverviewThis course is designed for podcasters who want to get more downloads and subscribers. That means if youre brand new to podcasting or youve hit a plateau you can take this information and boost your podcast.With over 2 hours of video lessons and over 40 lectures of content you will learn all the fundamentals to finding excellent guests and celebrities for your podcast. Youll be able to schedule interviews with those experts and have successful interview that brings more listeners to your podcast.We will start out unveiling techniques that will make you a master researcher. We cover little known tools and proven techniques to uncover the research gold. We then cover communication secrets that will make you a master influencer getting people to agree to be on your podcast. We then talk about the best practices for interviewing and then putting together the podcast package to make you and your guest look like professionals. Students completing this course will have the knowledge and skills to find, interview, and publish an interview with an expert or celebrity.This course includes templates, swipe files, checklists, mind maps, and resources to use when working through the podcast interview process. There are many copy and paste templates you can use right away to schedule interviews.


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